Monday, September 05, 2005

macchiato gone

Ryan and I decided to go to Blue bottle this morning on a beautiful labor day and get ourselves a macchiatto. Well, Ryan got it for me which rules, cuz now with school starting I need to save my cheddah.
Jaime was nehind the bar, as usual when I go down there. Steve is never around anymore, the affair we are having is supposed to be on the DL so I think he is laying low.
Anyway, as usual, the macchiatto was fantastic. I get almost some licorice/cirtus notes from their espresso...bordering on some orange rinds. YUM. I love it.

here is the breakfast of champions.

about 3 seconds later....

Then we headed over to Walnut Creek to see our buddy in coffee, Keith. The apprentice roaster for Pacific Bay Coffee, my old job. It was great to see him, the place looks great and he was as usual slaving away at the craft of roasting. He pulled me a shot of his blend that he is working on, very interesting flavors and nice back end. I think he is working towards a rounder mouthfeel and I want it to be a little sweeter, but overall, knowing how difficult it is to create a blend he did a fantastic job.

I wish i could get into roasting. I really just haven't, maybe when I grow up.

Andrew Barnett sent me some great Brazilian beans (Cup of Excellence Presidential Award) Fazenda Esperanca.

I will writes more notes on it later, but man was it good in the press! Thanks Andrew!

I start art school tomorrow. I am 27 and starting all over again. Steve asked me "Why didn't you study that in the first place?" cuz Steve keeps it real like that....I thought I about this question and I think I have come up with an answer that may or may not satisfy all those who care. Here it goes.

I studied sociology (pause for laughter) in college the first time around. I seriously learned a whole lot about myself and my place in this world. I also met my current S.O. (worth every penny of the 20K in loans I have) and have since fallen into the obsession of being a barista. I have been doing this for a while now and though i see myself doing this through school, I decided to pursue my other intense passion which is art and design.
I wasn't ready then, to do what I am doing now. I wasn't in the right headspace. I am now.

I am looking forward to having my life with my S.O., espresso, my dog and my art all at once. It's going to be exciting. I have not decided wether or not I will compete in the regionals, only if time permits, but I am excited about being part of Ritual, and the revolution of espresso (well overdue) in San Francisco.

I went to Gimme! a couple of weeks ago and like a jack ass forgot to take pics because I was too enthralled with working on the Mirage.

I miss that place a whole lot, but I miss KC more.