Friday, November 11, 2005

new toy

I just scored this baby on eBay. I am gonna go out and shoot with it next weekend. i am so excited.

I have some pics of Duane's machines from the NW regional, I will post them soon. I think I am gonna meet him and Jeremy at Toronado tonight for some coffee geekdom and some Chimay Blue. I am looking forward to trying the new coffees Stumptown is bustin out.

i wish i could have more time every day, for everything.

Monday, November 07, 2005

On the way home from Seattle

I went to check out the Northwest regional barista competition and to volunteer as a runner. I have never done that before and i must say it was at times stressful (cuz i did mics and audio shit) because there were hardly any volunteers! It sucked ass. i thought in the Northwest you would be able to find more volunteers for this kind of thing. It gives yu a great opportunity to see how shit works, how competitiors flow and how judges judge. It was a great experience and I would do it again if I could.
I am not entirely sure if i am competing or not, i am about 90% i am, but the stress that comes with that is already starting to stress me out and the thing is in March.

Jen Prince from Zoka won. They are like the Yankees of coffee. They have the training, the support, the network and the resources to keep putting champ baristas up there. It's impressive. Phuong is an amazing arista and trainer so it is no suprise they do so well.
I will be honest and say I expected a higher caliber of baristas to compete. There were some real pros up there for sure, but the rest of the groups just did not impress me considering they are in the great Pacific NorthWest. I think the USBC was amazing, and i hope I see more kick ass baristas like those showcased there around the country.
I have not been thinking too much aout coffee these days since school is kicking my ass.

My black and white photography class is by far my favorite.
Fort Point, San Francisco

oh and did I mention i was chosen to do the cover photo for the Barista magazine December january issue? yeah, I am stoked. My mom demanded I sent her about 10 copies of it.

This is a rosetta Ryan B. pulled the other day (about 2 weeks ago).

I have some more Ritual pictures to upload, so I will make sure to post some of them on here sometime this week if I remember.