Sunday, September 24, 2006

homecupped or homecupping?

I cupped Ecco's Bolivia the other day, in my own home.
what a BEAUTIFUL coffee. hints of spicy chocolate for me...also, I must note, I do not have a great grinder by any I think I probably missed a bunch of cupping notes by doing it at home. It was still nice though, because i got to go at my own pace and really enjoy the process.

It is always amazing to me to cup the same coffees roasted by different roasters...more on that later.

I just think that the sharing of information, between baristas and roasters and among themselves is such an important part of making the specialty coffee industry really take off. We cannot afford to be competitive with each other. I have realized that through the last few years, this is the one thing that has kept me motivated. The sharing of knowlegde and ideas and keeping in touch with those who care about this thing we are trying to do. keep it comin'.

I took the wife to Astoria on her birthday and we just happened to park by the lone Stumptown serving establishment, I shit you not. Astoria Coffeehouse. A beautiful little joint with lots of food to choose from, a nice 2 group La Marzocco and just an overall nice atmosphere. Astoria is a creepy little town, let me tell ya. It really is. But it was beautiful. that plus the fact that the Goonies was shot there, how can you go wrong with the Goonies?

Tony and Jim (the owners) have a great eye for detail. I am going back and hopefully talk to them more about the scene in Astoria and how they will slowly change it I am sure. They closed at 6 and we got there about 45 minutes before they closed. More time later on. It was a beautiful drive out there, so just having the coffee at the end of that made it perfect.


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