Monday, November 06, 2006

3rd wave coffee, and J. Pollock

I seriously HATE the term. I get the concept, but at this point and this is totally a biased opinion, I am sick of it.
but check this out!

Ritual, Stumptown and Blue Bottle on 7x7 magazine!

"museum of muffins" was my favorite thing quoted by far. thanks to James Freeman.

and I actually think that the concept of really caring about the farmers is what? possibly 4th Wave?!?!?!?! No say it ain't so! I totally just said that shit. Oh yeah. I did.

and just for the record, Tooker wants a Portafilter with wings on it, not a coffee bean. Unless he stole my idea and is now calling it an "appropriation". Booyakasha!

too much coffee already at the Annex this morning. on #3.

1. Kenya AA
2. Colombia La Virginia
3. Ethiopia Wild Forest Limu

and I have 4 more hours to go.


Blogger Mike White said...

Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

12:18 PM  
Blogger chris baca said...

I know you miss the muffins...the article kinda creeped me out in a way. Also: I think the term third wave is over-used. Shit, sound like the subject for my next blog.

1:22 PM  

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