Sunday, January 22, 2006


We cupped coffees at Ritual on Friday.

Andrew, this post is to tell you that I thought your Bolivia and Yirg were AMAZING. Holy shit.

The Bolivia tasted of very sweet, deep roasted red peppers with a nice chili finish to it. Super spicy but not overwhelmingly so. And then the Yirg, well, it was like tasting warm blueberry pie with a vanilla crust on it at he very end to round it off. WOW. I knew Andrew was a great roaster, but man, i did not expect to be blown away. I have some yirg in hand right now and am savoring every sip. I will even admit to it tasting amazing, no bitter finish when consumed cold. Yeah, I said it, i am drinking the left over cold coffee and enjoying it.


Ryan and I are getting ready for competition. I am really nervous. But I think it will be fun. And it forces me to be even more critical of myslef as a barista, and that to me is super important.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

more Greta, more fun

we had a bit of a panic on xmas eve, but this guy with the ink came to the rescue.

also news, we got a new Major.

sleek, quieter, shiny black and just as sexy as a grinder can get.

and this guy is as creepy as a barista gets. oh, Ryan.

"we don't have fava beans clarice. just ristrettos"

I take off for new york tomorrow for a bit, and ohio for the soon to be Mrs. folks. I am gonna try my damndest to swing by Gimme! Coffee and say hello to KC. and pick up some beans for the kiddies at Ritual who I adore. I may be the crabby old man of that joint, but those are my kids yo!

except for the guy in the picture above, I have no idea who invited him to the party.

Happy Fuckin' New year ya'll!