Thursday, March 16, 2006

USBC and other stuff

Ryan and I are trying to keep our lives in order. Going to school, working and training after midnight at the shop for the US Barista Championship in Charlotte , NC. Why would anyone pick that spot? It's gonna be an adventure to say the least to have to transport all that crap we are going to need out to the great east coast from San Francisco. This is oging to be an exciting competition, with many trained and eager baristas with the flow, the charm, the grace and the expertise to knock your socks off.
It has not hit me yet how soon this competition is gonna happen.

We are heading down next Friday to Barefoot Coffee Roasters to do a mock competition and to practice with our Bay Area team mates to polish up our skills. I am very excited about this because we have no sense of real community out here, and this is the chance to start building that. Andy is a great guy, super enthusiastic aboutcoffee and he ADORES his baristas and I admire any coffee shop owner who puts that much passion not only into coffee but also into his staff as well. Props to him.

I am very very nervous about this USBC because I am so much better prepared and the stakes are higher for me, on a personal level. Meaning , i want to do very well, and I will have to work much harder this time around to get there. all in all, I am just excited to talk about coffee endlessly for an entire weekend.again.

poor mae.