Friday, May 26, 2006

avenue of the giants

I got married.

to THE most beautiful woman on the planet. We drove north, then west.

It was beautiful, the whole damn thing. I got emotional, it wasn't pretty. But at least she was/is.
We are moving to Portland at the end of summer, to start a totally new chapter in our lives called marriage, adulthood. CRAZY. I am layin' low and kicking back for some much needed rest. Get the lay of the land, figure out where i want to go with my art and life. I am just gonna keep things open and uncommited. I need to. For myself and my sanity.

I want to say that I will walk away from coffee, and dive into my art. I want to say that I will continue to grow with coffee and do my art on the side. But in all honesty, I just don't know and i am ok with this. I have other stuff to focus on, and keeping me busy. So we will see. In any case, Portland is beyond beautiful, and satisfies the inner hippie in my wife and honestly her happiness is all that truly matters...well, that and good coffee.