Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jam, Ford and the Ecco

The Western Regional Barista Jam was fun Barefoot was host and it was VERY well put together.Eileen, Ryan, Ford and I rode in his Suba and went down to drink some tasty coffees and just hang with other coffee people.
Steven and Ryan before the jam. NO COFFEE YET.

We had coffee at Ritual with the sun beating on our faces on Valencia street.
then at the jam we had more coffee. Eileen loves up Ford for some espresso. he likes.

This last Monday, we headed up to Santa Rosa, to chill with Andrew and Steve and Fabrizio AND the Diecrich!

Handsome and some steamaction.

And of course, the master himself,

showing us his ghetto fabulous way of cooling down the coffee a little faster so that we could bring some home with us. I had some yesterday in my new CHEMEX which Ford and Abby gave to me for a wedding gift. It was mostly Steve, but Abby rules, so she is part of it.

It was great to spend some time with rue coffee nerds and talk coffee and taste coffee and just relax. Real nice.