Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stump It

I started at the Stumptown last week. The first shift was the Annex. MAN! What a freakin' dream job. Wow. The place is spotless, clean, precise, Scandanavian design meets old meat-locker door with heavy hardware and wood. Just beautiful. That is just the visuals. Then, I get to cup up to 5 coffees at least once during my shifts since daily cuppings are at 11 am and 3 pm. So out of all the Stumptown coffee offerings, I get to pick out which ever ones I feel I should be getting to know more closely. Holy Fuck Batman! This is such a privilege, and a necessity for building a palate and just building the experience and knowledge one needs to be a real coffee connoisseur. I am thankful, and greatful and feel totally fortunate to have this opportunity. And when i am not working, if I am psycho enough, I can cup coffees EVERY SINGLE DAY, twice a day! My favorite coffee thus far is the Ethiopian Wild Forest Limu. TOTALLY different from anything I have ever tasted. Lots of crisp notes. Canteloupe and when it cools off it reminds me of Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea. Seriously. Such a refreshing coffee, even when it's hot it tastes cold. hmmmm?
My friend Ford bought Mae and I an amazing thing for our wedding. a Chemex. Basically Mae will no longer drink coffee made any other way. Way to go Ford!

I miss Ritual, a whole lot. I knew I had a good thing going with them, but man do I miss my kids. What a great crew of people to work for and with. I think they really are doing something really special in San Francisco.

Any one who works for Ritual for a while will be FINE working anywhere else. Shit man, that place is like espresso and coffee boot camp just by the measure of volume. Things are so much more laid back in Portland in general. No one really rushes you, every one makes eye contact and people actually want to have a conversation with you. This is refreshing. People talking to each other and making connections and taking the time to know one another. ahhhhh. almost as refreshing as Stumptown's Limu.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Extracto Exacto!

The wife and I have been walking a whole lot around our neighborhood. We do not have bikes, or a car so walking and bussing it is it for us. But this is the best way to really figure out your hood and to check out what is happening. So we have been enjoying gorgeous weather, beautiful boutiques, super friendly people and we found a new coffee shop that we are basically in love with.

Extracto. Owned by a buddy of a great friend of mine and Ritual co-owner Tookie.

It's super clean, open, friendly, and above all comfortable in the environment. No attitude here at all, which is refreshing because I know the stereotype and often proven true of the nasty barista is pervasive in any city you go to that knows its coffee. These kids are great, and I am thrilled to see them thriving in the neighborhood. Their FB70 is beautiful, and PID'ed. Oh yeah.


Portland is super beautiful amd friendly. and man is it cheaper that SF. Christ! Stumptown Coffee everywhere, good beer, good food, good wine and tattoo shops and lots of music and art. what more could you ask for in a city?

I already miss my Ritual kids, a whole lot. But I don't miss shelling out the money to pay the rent for our tiny one bedroom in Upper Hayes.

I am excited to get back into the coffee thing, and keep learning about it. There is a meet the producer night on the 24th. I cannot wait to sit and listen to these coffee farmers talk about their trade. It will be good. Really good.

Mad props to Gimme! Coffee's new space! HOLLAH!!!!